Dear Greensboro owners and residents,
Sevie Lanning, our property manager, is on medical leave. In case of need you can keep calling the same Gassen number 952.922.5575 or send an email to her email address. Gassen staff will get back to you. Orion and Ric are on site Monday to Friday during regular business hours and monitor Greensboro’s onsite number listed below.
As we go through the winter months, we appreciate when you…
Drive slowly
Please remember to slow way down in the winter. The speed limit in Greensboro is 10 MPH all year long and at times, all drivers need to go even slower especially in the winter. Stopping and steering in winter conditions is tricky. There are more hours of darkness, it can be much harder to see people and vehicles backing out, going around corners. Snow piles can further hamper visibility. Please be considerate of others, drive slowly and carefully.
Park in garage
If you have a garage please use it for your car(s). Parking is tight at any time of the year but, during the winter parking gets even tighter due to snow piles, parking stripes get covered and individual stalls are hard to identify.
Condo and 3 bedroom residents, please avoid parking by the 2 bedroom townhomes along Franklin. There are fewer parking spaces than 2 bedroom units.
Gassen will be sending out notices periodically asking all cars parked on surface parking areas be moved off the property so the snow removal company can come in and do a cleanup plow “curb to curb”. Cars not moved can be towed at
owners’ expense to the towing company lot. If you are going on a trip please make arrangements to leave a set of keys with a neighbor (or on-site staff) so that your vehicle can be moved in your absence. Cars left unmoved in the same stall for over three (3) days are subject to towing, and this is a year-round rule. Vehicles left on the lot when we clear ice/snow “curb to curb” are subject to towing.
Inform staff immediately of dangerous spots, slips and falls
Please be careful walking on any outdoor surface. A surface can be slippery one hour, good traction a short time later and the refreezing can quickly make the same surface to become slippery again. We put containers of icy melt and grit in each condo main entrance so owners can apply ice melt and/or grit on Greensboro outside stairs and walkways as needed. If a townhome owner/resident needs more ice melt for your townhome stoops, sidewalks or driveways please contact Orion or Ric at 952-544-0477. Our staff and shoveling contractors shovel and spread ice melt and grit.
Keep windows, door and garage doors closed
If anyone’s condo home unit gets uncontrollably warm or hot this usually is caused by a faulty baseboard heating zone valve. Contact Ric or Orion to schedule a replacement valve. Please do not leave your windows open to cool things down. Cold air that enters through the window is heavy and it drops down to the floor area. In spite of the heat you feel, freezing air can cause the water in the heating pipes to freeze and break. Water will then damage your unit but, also other adjacent and nearby units. The cost of repairs is that of the homeowner for all damages done. So, please don’t make the mistake of leaving your windows open for extended periods of time. You can create a costly mess for yourself and misery for your neighbors. Interestingly, this can happen in 3 Bedroom Townhomes if a resident leaves their garage door open too long. Common water pipes run through the ceiling chase way in the middle of all 3 Bedroom Townhome garages. Be careful and considerate of you neighbors and easy on your wallet! Because, if you forget, the repairs are expensive and the careless person will pay.
Check on your neighbors
If you have an elderly or mobility challenged neighbor, check on them periodically. Bad weather can limit these residents’ ability to get out for
necessities. So, see if you can do them a shopping favor. Kindness is rewarded with return kindness.


  • Board approved additional door mats for condo buildings. Residents are happy with the new cleaning crew.


  • 7318 Building: Water usage is higher than normal which might be due to a water leak. Staff is trying to find the leak(s). Please help them by checking for leaking toilets and faucets and have it fixed.
  • We have another retaining wall being installed this Spring/Summer. The old rotting wooden railroad ties retaining wall on the east side of the main driveway off Franklin will be replaced. This replacement wall will match the appearance of the new stone retaining wall on the west side of the same entry driveway.

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Greensboro’s office – Ric & Brandon: phone: 952-544-0477 | email:
Gassen Property Manager – Shayne Damian: phone: 952-253-4921 | email:

Volunteer opportunities:

  • 3 Bedroom board representative – contact Tim Hilger, phone no 612-867-6463

Mark the date:

  • The Greensboro Annual Meeting will be held on April 27, 2017 at the St. Louis Park ‘Middle’ School, Media Room (same room as last year), off Texas Ave just west of Greensboro. Proxies and notices will be sent out prior to the meeting including Board candidate application forms.
  • Next Board Meeting: February, 16 2017. Home owner forum from 6:30pm to 6:45pm.

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