Upcoming Event:

  • Greensboro Garage Sale, September 8-9, from 9AM to 5PM. See Kaycee Kramer (7316) for requests and more details.


  • A new boiler was installed in the 2014 building.
  • Comcast/MP Nexlevel performed a maintenance upgrade of the fiber cable green boxes on the property at no cost to the Association.
  • Tree stumps were ground out.
  • National Night Out and a Root Beer Float Social were held on August 7, thanks to Tom and Maureen Marott for organizing the event!

In the works:

  • Do you have web skills? Greensboro’s lovely new web site is finished, but we need a web master! Contact Shayne at 952-253-4921, email SDamian@Gassen.com.
  • Ad Hoc committee to address the caulking project and meet with the Board of Directors to come up with an action plan.
  • Louisiana retention wall replacement started on Louisiana Avenue with a projected end date of mid August.
  • Comcast will pay for the restoration of grounds disturbed by their fiber cable project, above.
  • Patio replacements: our patios are separating from the buildings and the ground and wood frames are rotting. Several plans have been developed, further details will be released soon.
  • Inspection of 7318 apartments for leaking faucets and toilets. Water consumption is higher than in the other three condo buildings. Staff has the authority to inspect the apartments and will contact homeowners/ residents to gain access.
  • Various concrete sidewalk fixes in July/August.
  • Lintel work on six 3 bedroom townhome garages began.

 Useful information:

  • No glass in the swimming pool area! Broken glass has big consequences. The swimming pool area needs to be closed to residents for thorough inspection. If broken glass is found in the water, pool needs to be drained, cleaned and refilled with water. Then pool water needs to be heated to correct temperature and water treatment system needs time to treat and balance the new water for swimming. A process that can take several days!
  • No tethering of animals (Rule 3.5). Tethering tools are interfering with lawn mowing/maintenance and snow blowing. Any damage caused by a tethering device to lawn mower or snow blower, windows etc. or dog poop removal, will be charged back to pet owner. Also remove any pet toys from lawn.
  • No furniture or grills left on lawn when not in use. It interferes with lawn mowing and maintenance. Vendor will not mow in that area or move furniture or grills.
  • Per St. Louis Park fire code grills need to be 25 feet away from buildings when in operation. So please move your grill away from the building when in use. That includes propane gas grills! Once done leave it to cool down/till charcoals are completed spent before disposing of them in the trash dumpster. We have set up a metal container by the tennis courts to dispose of charcoals.
  • Balcony weight limit: No objects (not including humans) weighing in excess of 250 pounds, are permitted on any town house or apartment balcony.
  • No rugs, carpeting or covering is allowed on any balcony, to comply with St. Louis Park Chief Building Inspector’s directive.
  • Rules and Regulations (November 2017 version) is posted on Greensboro’s website at www.greensborosquare.com / Homeowners / Important Documents / Rules and Regulations
  • If you do not receive general email notifications including the News Brief from Greensboro contact Shayne to be added to the list.

 Please help:

  • Parking: the parking lot is always full overnight and we also need room for trucks working on maintenance projects. Please ask guests to park on street, and keep parking spots set aside with orange cones free during the day. Also, are you parking in your garage, or using it for storage? Remember that Greensboro was not built in an ‘everybody owns 2 cars’ era!
  • Recycling: our recycling company wants no bags used – they jam up the machines! Please ‘empty’ your recycling in the recycling bins. Plastic bags go in the garbage, empty paper bags in recycling.
  • Removing the following items from your patios and stoops: snow shovels, gardening tools, unused pots, etc. to keep a pleasant appearance at Greensboro.

Mark the date:

  • Next Board Meeting: TUESDAY, August 28, 2018. Home owner forum from 6:30pm to 6:45pm. Suggestions/ideas are welcome.

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