• Replaced laundry room doors in 7316 and 7412. Positive feedback from residents.
  • Annual tree trimming was performed. One tree had to be cut down along Louisiana Avenue due to Emerald Ash Borer disease. Replacement will be considered.
  • Contact information form: Thank you for handing in your forms! If you are among the 60 who have not yet done so, you can still hand it in. If you need a new form call Orion Stimpel at 612-499-3666 or just call the Greensboro office and give the information over the phone.
  • The 2016 unaudited financials have been presented at the February board meeting. The audit will take place in March.

Help us:

  • If you hear your toilet running when not in use please call Ric at 612-581-2641.
  • If you notice a flickering or none working light bulb please call the office at 952-544-0477.

New vendor:

  • For townhomes: In addition to Blue Ox 952-641-0099 where Greensboro is a VIP member and homeowners get discounts (ask for Ken or Walt who are familiar with our kind of roof top furnaces), we now also have Marsh Heating and Cooling 763-536-0667.

Mark the date:

  • The Greensboro Annual Meeting will be held on April 27, 2017 at the St. Louis Park ‘Middle’ School, Media Room (same room as last year), off Texas Ave just west of Greensboro. Proxies and notices will be sent out prior to the meeting including Board candidate application forms.
  • Next Board Meeting: March 16, 2017. Home owner forum from 6:30pm to 6:45pm.

Remember, the speed limit throughout Greensboro year round is 10 MPH. Please try and follow the 10 MPH rule. Our recently refinished drive roads no longer have pot holes to slow drivers down. As the warm weather approached the number of kids playing increases. Violators can be fined. Please comply.

Home Energy Squad Enhanced: Conveniently bring you comfort

Join the nearly 1,000 St. Louis Park residents who are enjoying the benefits of saving money, energy and are more comfortable in their homes thanks to the Home Energy Squad.
Home Energy Squad is a 2.5-hour visit with two energy consultants. During the visit the crew will install energy saving materials, perform diagnostic tests, and help you develop a customized plan for saving energy, making your home more comfortable and reducing your utility bills. It’s also a great time to ask you any questions you have about your home.
Materials installed during the visits may include: a programmable thermostat, a water heater blanket, pipe wrap, door weather-stripping, high efficiency water fixtures and light bulbs. They will also conduct a blower door test, an infrared camera inspection, a combustion safety test on your home’s heating systems and water heater, and check insulation levels in your attic and walls.
At the end of the visit you will receive a custom report with prioritized recommendations. If your home needs insulation or air sealing upgrades the crew will give you a quote for the work to be done and you’ll have the option to schedule the work with a contractor that day-this is a new offering that really saves you time.
The city supports Home Energy Squad Enhanced by buying down the visit cost to $50 (normally $100). Home Energy Squad is provided by CenterPoint Energy and Xcel Energy and delivered by the Center for Energy and Environment (CCE), a local nonprofit.
For more home improvement programs and loan opportunities visit

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