• To our newly elected board members Arlene Bleecker (condo) and Melissa Burrows (2 bedroom townhome).

Thank You:

  • To Jack Chesney (condo) and Mark Stilley (2 bedroom townhome) for serving on the board.
  • To all the anonymous weeders.
  • Arlene Bleecker for all the beautiful tulips.


  • Repaired the cracked asphalt between the 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom townhouses.
  • Opened the swimming pool. First day already had 8 swimmers!
  • Pool opening hours: 9am to dusk (see note at community building for exact dusk hours).
  • Curb to curb sweeping of entire parking lot.

In the works:

  • Brick and tuckpointing repair. Board approved 10 weeks.
  • Perennial and rain garden along Franklin Avenue. See below for more details.
  • Condo balcony punch list has been created. Estimated start as soon as weather and work permits.
  • Board approved crack fill, seal drive lanes, driveways and parking areas. It will be executed in 5 phases. Please watch out for notice when you cannot park in specific areas to avoid towing expenses or your car being locked inside garage.
  • The planters will soon have plants again. Watering help, especially at weekends, is appreciated.

Please help:

  • By not opening the swimming pool gate to other people. Each unit has its own FOB key. If their FOB key does not work they must contact Gassen to determine why it is not working. Outside people have been spotted in the swimming pool. Tip: Check if you have access to the swimming pool before you actually intend to swim outside office hours. Staff will not replace/activate FOB keys outside office hours.
  • Leave the pool area when it gets dark. Residents can report night noise disturbance to police.
  • By reporting common malfunctions (lights, doors, etc) to Greensboro’s office either by email Greensboro_Square@hotmail.com or phone 952-544-0477.

Mark the date:

  • June 6, 2017, 11am to 1pm:
    Greensboro Watershed Habitat Day.
    The 5th grade children and their parents from Clear Springs Elementary school will work on the pollinator and rain garden along with our Landscaper Dorothy Pedersen, Nature’s Garden, and her crew.
    MN Master Waters Stewards, Minnehaha Creek Watershed District, and DNR representatives will attend and speak. The local press has been invited to attend as well as the Fire Department.
    Lemonade and cookies will be served.
    Location: Corner of Louisiana and Franklin Avenue.
  • Next Board Meeting: June 15, 2017. Home owner forum from 6:30pm to 6:45pm.

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