• Built new ramp and stairs at Franklin Avenue.
  • Raised front entrance step at 7318.
  • Poured concrete pad on South West corner of 7412 for motorbike parking.
  • Installed drain tiles in court yard.
  • Matrix showing various maintenance and repair items and who is responsible. Related correspondence will be mailed out and posted on the website.
  • Board approved rental violation fine of $1,000 per day for any short time rentals. Minimum rental is 6 months.
  • Approved website redesign.
  • Approved boiler replacement at 7414. Estimated replacement May 2018.

In the works:

  • Leave collection: Lawn care company is scheduled to come out a few more times.
  • Roof maintenance repair.
  • House numbering for 2 bedroom (front and back) and 3 bedroom townhomes (garage side).
  • Party Room remodel: Start date: beginning of November. Estimated finishing date: mid December.
  • Brick and tuckpointing repair.
  • Cistern has been installed and City of St. Louis Park approved the pump. Nature’s Garden will finish landscaping next year including some plants.
  • Received status report about caulking at 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom and condo units (homeowner responsibility). Board has reviewed two bids received and approved Stone Valley’s that was lower.
  • Rules and Regulations: Board is reviewing streamlined version received from lawyer.
  • Review of original aluminum windows and patio doors map. Home owners are encouraged to replace those windows with more energy efficient ones. Contact Shayne Damian for window/door specifications.
  • Garage lintels: two 3 bedroom townhouses with balconies have been selected as pilot projects. Joint effort by engineer, painter, masonry, shorer and management/staff to establish how best to treat lintel and surrounding area above garage doors.
  • Installation of railing for new ramp/stairs at Franklin Avenue.

Lawsuit Update

“The Board of Directors attended a formal mediation session on October 26th. No final settlement was made during that meeting. The mediator plans to follow-up within the next few days. We will keep you informed as more information is provided.”

Please help:

  • By reporting dangerous/slippery surface situations immediately to staff at Phone 952-544-0477 indicating the exact location.
  • 3 bedroom townhomes: Don’t forget to switch your two duct vent controls to ‘Heating’ to improve heating efficiency. You can find them behind the panel above your bedroom closet door.
  • By switching on your outside lights now that we go into the winter. If they don’t work properly contact staff.
  • By ensuring Gassen Management has your current vehicle information – especially if you have changed license plate or have a new car.


  • RELIABLE PROPERTY SERVICES and their subcontractors well be plowing again
  • SHOVELING – Trigger depth is 1.5” for Reliable to come on site. Under 1.5” Greensboro staff are responsible for shoveling. Includes sidewalks, steps, front entrances and fire hydrants.
  • PLOWING – Trigger depth is 1.5” for Reliable to come on site. Under 1.5” there is no plowing. During excessive snow events, a plow “pass” will be made down the drive lanes only for access.
  • ICE CONDITIONS – Management or Greensboro staff may decide to issue a work order to Reliable if icy conditions prevail. Sand/Salt applications will normally be applied within 24 hours. Contact Gassen if you note a hazardous location.
  • CONDO BLDG’S – Shovels and ice melt containers are kept at each entrance for Owners to use.
  • 2 & 3 BDRM TH’S – Ice melt containers will be placed at the front entrance for 2 bedroom homes and the back entrance (garage side) for 3 bedroom homes.
  • ICE MELT CONTAINERS will also be placed on the backside of the garages at 7317/7321, 7357/7361 and 7433/7437. Please use the product and call the on-site office for refills, 952-544-0477.
  • TIMEFRAMES – Reliable has 12 hours from when the snow stops to complete plowing and shoveling operations (once trigger depth is met).
  • BLIZZARDS – Timeframes may be extended during blizzard conditions.
  • STAFF HOURS – Greensboro staff are on call and rotate weekends. During snow events, staff will follow instructions from the Board of Directors or Management only, as to whether shoveling/sanding is required. During heavy snow/ice events, staff are expected on site to assist with snow removal operations.
  • CITY STREET PARKING – City streets and sidewalks are City responsibility to clear. Please use your garage to park your car(s)
  • REFUSE/RECYCLE DUMPSTERS – Please do not block access for emptying the dumpster
  • TOWING – Vehicles violating parking regulations may be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense and WITHOUT WARNING. Vehicles will be towed to Bobby & Steve’s, 394 & Penn Avenue, 612-377-4743. The impound lot is located at 5100 Park Circle in SLP (under the Hwy & & 100 water tower).
  • SLOW DOWN – Please drive slowly through the property. 10 MPH speed limit
  • SNOW PILES – Will be moved as needed. If there is excessive snow, the open field owned by the Nursing Home will be used to deposit snow.
  • EXTENUATING CIRCUMSTANCES – Reliable is contracted to perform per the Board approved contract. Sometimes a plow can break, a truck breaks down or crew get sick, delaying service. We ask for your patience should this occur.

Greensboro’s office – Orion & Ric:
Phone: 952-544-0477 | email:

Gassen Property Manager – Shayne Damian:
Phone: 952-253-4921, email:

Vendor information:

Greensboro has two approved vendors for rooftop heating and air conditioning at 2 and 3 bedroom town homes:

  • Marsh Heating 763-536-0667
  • Blue Ox 952-641-0099

Mark the date:

  • Next Board Meeting: November 16, 2017. Home owner forum from 6:30pm to 6:45pm.
  • Holiday caroling at the Villa: Sunday, December 10, 2:45pm. Meet at front door of 7414 Condo building. Contact Rosie Schulte if you have questions.

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