Renting Your Unit

Selling any home can be difficult, but renting out your townhome or condo has become a great option as an interim solution. If you rent your home, there are several Association regulations that are required of all owners to follow with no exceptions. These rules help ensure that Greensboro remains an enjoyable and safe place to live.

Association Regulations for Renting

  1. All inquiring tenants must be screened by a screening service, including a national criminal search. Screenings are for proof of completion by the owners and does not need to be shared directly with the Association.
  2. A current copy of the Greensboro Rules booklet must be in your unit at all times.
  3. Leases must be for a duration of at least six months and a copy of each lease is to be provided to the Association.
  4. A Crime Free/Drug Free Addendum must be signed by all tenants.
  5. The City of Saint Louis Park & Greensboro requires any rented home to register as a rental unit, and a rental license be issued for it. Please visit the city website for additional information.

Recommended Insurance

It is a wise idea to make sure your property is properly covered. The Fost Choles Agency provides the Association with our American Family Insurance policy. They suggest a “Rented to Others” policy for the owners and an HOA renters policy for your renters. More information from our agent is available here and through the Fost Choles Agency Website.

Documents for Renting

St. Louis Park Rental License Application


Rental Policy & Procedures


Drug Lease Addendum