Garbage & Recycling

Waste Management

Services are provided by Dick’s Sanitation. Two types of collections bins are stationed on the property: garbage and recycling. For exact locations of the bins, please see the facility map.

Large general bins are to be used for garbage. If the first bin is full, please take your waste to the next bin. There are several restricted items that cannot be placed in the garage.

Yellow cover bins are to be used for co-mingled recyclable items. They will be sorted at the transfer station. Please do not place trash, plastic bags or material other than recyclables into the containers. Download the flyer for a helpful cheat sheet.

What Can I Recycle?

Dick’s provides One-Sort Recycling. Please place clean and contaminant-free recyclables into your recycling container.

  • Acceptable Items


    Brown grocery bags
    Beer & soda cases
    Cake & snack boxes
    Cardboard (non-waxed)
    Cereal boxes
    Office/school paper (all colors)
    Junk mail
    Newspaper & inserts
    Telephone books and other soft cover books
    Pizza delivery boxes
    Broth boxes

    Drink boxes
    Juice cartons
    Milk cartons


    Berry containers
    Juice containers
    Milk jugs
    Plastic containers with symbol #1-#7
    Narrow neck & screw top
    Squeezable bottles with symbol #4
    Water bottles
    Yogurt tubs, butter tubs, etc.
    Plastic toys

    Metals and Glass

    Aluminum cans
    Empty aerosol cans (non-toxic & no caps)
    Metal household items (cooking pots & pans)
    Steel food cans
    Tin & other household metals

    Glass Containers

    Glass containers that contained food or beverage product
    All colored glass (brown, green and clear)

  • Unacceptable Items

    Auto glass
    Christmas Lights
    Coat hangers
    Compostable plastics (#7 PLA)
    Drinking Glasses
    Electronic waste (batteries, phones, etc.)
    Extensions Cords
    Food Waste/Organic material
    Garden hoses
    Glass bakeware/cookware (Pyrex)
    Hazardous chemical containers
    Light bulbs
    Medical waste
    Microwave trays
    Mirror glass
    Motor oil
    Packing peanuts
    Paper products with food residue
    Plastic bags and film
    Plastic tarps
    Plastic food wraps
    Waxed cardboard and paper
    Window glass

Are There Items I Can’t Put In The Trash?

There are several items that cannot go in the garbage bins. Most prohibited items can be taken to Hennepin County Recycle Services or donated to a local business.