– Gassen on site staff is following CDC recommendations for cleaning, dealing with vendors and meeting with residents.

Postponed: The Greensboro Annual Meeting will be not held on Tuesday, April 28, stay tuned for a new date.

The Club House is closed until further notice, due to coronavirus concerns.

– The pool will not be opened on May 15. A potential open date is unknown at this time.

– Tennis court nets will not be put up to prevent group gatherings. This follows the City guidelines.

– Common BBQ grills have been stored inside pool area to prevent use

– Good information is available through the City of St. Louis Park at Sign up for news updates from the city and other government agencies.

St. Louis Park Emergency Program (STEP) is continuing to distribute food during the #StayHomeMN order. St. Louis Park residents in need of food should call STEP in advance, during regular business hours at 952.925.4899. Due to minimal staffing levels, callers may need to leave a voicemail message which will be returned. Clients will schedule a time to pick up prepacked bags outside of the building, at the rear door.

Nobody should go hungry: Free breakfast and lunch is being served at Susan Lindgren Elementary, Monday-Friday from 12-1 pm. No questions asked! Look for the yellow bus parked out at the front!

– The final draft of the Rules and Regulations was emailed to all residents, posted on Gassen’s web connect, and will be posted to our web site. Please read: there are changes to rules regarding pets, parking, garbage/recycle and much more.

– Mint Roofing added a sheet metal diverter over the front entry and one balcony at 7316 as a pilot to keep excess water from causing wear & tear.

– The electric fire and safety panel in 7418 was replaced.

In the works:
– The Greensboro Re-Roofing Project will begin later on this spring/summer.

– 2 and 3 Bedroom owners should watch for an announcement concerning costs and scheduling of work for new patios, and new dirt/landscaping on West Franklin. Project will begin when the roofs are finished.

– Our engineers have identified 4 3-Bedroom Townhomes for garage lintel repairs. We are soliciting bids for work and affected homeowners will be informed.

– Grounds Committee has bought 3 trees, discounted through a St. Louis Park City program. Delivery has been postponed till fall.

– Management has applied for renewal of FHA financing.

– The furnace filters will be changed on April 7, weather permitting. See Blue Ox furnace tune-up special emailed out on April 1.

– Barrett will be addressing storm water drainage as soon as weather permits.

The tennis courts will be resurfaced this spring & relined.

Volunteer Projects:
– Architectural Committee, headed by Tim Hilger, is working on many projects including how to mount door cameras without damaging the brick, and a remodeling of the lower level of the Club House.

– The Safety Committee is looking for members. Contact Shayne or committee chair Jamie Sampson Hopkins (7412). Provide Jamie’s contact info

Parking Changes began Monday, February 3
– Have a garage? Please park your car in it to ease surface tight parking

– Condo residents without a garage have a green parking permit, 2 Bedroom and Condo residents have a yellow parking permit for a 2nd registered car. Have you picked up your permit? Contact staff to get one.

– Green and yellow parking areas are for the hours of 4pm to 8 am. IF you are parking in the wrong area, you are taking someone else’s parking space! Non-registered cars parked in the same spot for more than 72 hours will be towed without warning.

– 3 Bedroom cars should be parked inside their double garages or in front.

– There are a few ‘open’ areas by the Club House that will be available in the evenings.

– All others, including nonregistered and guest cars, should be parked on the street or in the baseball parking lot.

Useful information/It’s the rule:
PLEASE don’t leave nasty notes on people’s cars! If you have a problem with another resident, talk to them in person, or report the problem to Shayne.

– Starting an indoor or outdoor remodeling project? You must fill out the Architectural Authorization Request form available on the website. Send to Shayne at and avoid problems!

– Please make sure that your vendor hauls away trash from projects, it does not belong in the Greensboro garbage bins. This includes other remodeling materials!

– Please recycle as much as possible. We still find a lot of card board boxes and bottles in the trash bins. We appreciate when you break down the card boards so all of us have space to dispose of our trash.

– Reminder, the maximum vehicle speed limit everywhere on Greensboro property is 10 MPH. We have kids and people active throughout.

– If you see a dead animal on the property, please call 952-544-0477 and give a detailed location to the Greensboro Staff so it can be taken care of as soon as reasonably possible.

Please help by:
– Reporting any problems (grounds, lightbulbs including your porch lights, security, etc.), to Shayne (952-253-4921 and she will forward it on to the right person.

– Gassen Property Manager – Shayne Damian:
Phone 952-253-4921, email or

– Greensboro’s office – Ric & Brandon:
Phone 952-544-0477, email

Mark the date:
– Next Board Meeting: TUESDAY, April 21, 2020. Home Owner Forum from 6:30pm to 6:45pm. Suggestions/ideas are welcome. This will be an online meeting, contact Shayne for an invite