Election Results 2020-2021 Board of Directors
The new Board consists of Executive Board members Dawn Knudson (President), Eric Wilson (Vice-President), Jane Kaufenberg (Secretary), Bill Theobald (Treasurer), and Members-at-Large Arlene Bleecker, Nancy Huyink, Mark Stilley, Lauren Tomcheck, and Deb Wolkenbrod.

A banking error led to a $25 late fee added to many residents otherwise on-time January Association fee. This has been corrected.

Mandatory mask wearing in all four Condo buildings’ common areas and laundry rooms and when meeting with Gassen staff insidethe Club House.
– The Club House/Party Room is still closed, due to coronavirus concerns.

– PLEASE be careful! Stairs and sidewalks are shoveled and grit laid down, but in winter ice and snow melt happens. Use the handrails and the salt/grit containers in front of your homes. Cloudy days are especially slippery.

Have You…
– Signed up for Gassen Connect (https://gassenconnect.nabrnetwork.com)? This app is Gassen’s preferred communication method and should be used to create quick work orders for downed branches, dead critters, needed light bulbs for resident’s porches (keep those LEDs on!) and the garages, etc.
– Changed the batteries in your smoke & carbon monoxide detectors?
– Removed furniture from 2 and 3 bedroom front doorstoops so they can be shoveled?

Board of Directors Meetings
– Greensboro residents are welcome to attend Regular Board Meetings every 4th Tuesday of the month and Gassen is emailing out Zoom meeting links through Gassen Connect to everyone on the mailing list.
– Please note: Residents can bring up issues and concerns during the Open Forum, which generally runs 6:30-6:45 pm and there is an occasional presentation by a vendor. When the President calls the actual meeting to order, only Board members are allowed to speak. We are not being rude, this is correct parliamentary procedure. Residents will be muted.

Tips for Snowbirds! (from CIC Midwest Fall/Winter 2019/2029 Savings Guide)

  1. Leave emergency contact information with Gassen Management with your expected return date.
  2. Have someone inspect your home at least weekly, especially if there is a prolonged cold spell or freezing temperatures.
  3. Adjust thermostat:  do not turn the heat completely off. Set the thermostat to no lower than 55 degrees to protect again freezing conditions.
  4. Adjust draperies and blinds so interior view is minimal.
  5. Leave cupboard doors open under the kitchen and bathroom sinks to keep pipes warm.
  6. Lighting. Install clock controls on living room/bedroom lamps so they turn on and off each evening automatically for security.
  7. If the pipes freeze, use a hair dryer or wait until the weather moderates.  When thawed, listen for running water when faucets are turned off.  If you hear it, there may be a broken water line. If so, report to management immediately.
  8. Refrigerator thermostat to be set at a minimum setting and remove all perishables.
  9. Patio/Decks: please store all plants and pots.

– The 2021 Greensboro Budget has been posted at the web site.
– DMR finished replacing/repairing the brick at 7205 and 7209.
– The City of St. Louis Park will be scheduling their annual fire inspection at the condos, looking at fire doors and other hazards, we will update you as soon as we have the date.

In the Works:
– New dog registration forms will be sent out by Gassen and MUST be returned by each owner. There is a one-time only $10 fee for dog-related maintenance.
– A new boiler will be installed at 7316, the last of the condo boiler replacements.
– EMS has checked and passed the condo fire alarms.
– Trees will be trimmed in February by SaveATree.

Volunteer Projects:
The Architectural Committee, headed by Tim Hilger, is working on many projects including interior homeowner projects that may impact common area components.  It is best to reach out to Sonja or Tim before you start a home improvement project. This includes installing flooring.


  • Remember that the City of St. Louis Park does not allow parking on streets during snow fall and after till roads are plowed. You risk towing. Follow all other City parking restrictions – use the baseball field parking for the first night.
  • Please respect the green and yellow parking permit areas. If you have a yellow permit don’t park in the green permit area and vice versa.A warning will be given once, then the car will be towed!
  • Don’t back into your parking spot – it is NOW part of the Rules and Regulations.
  • Commercial, nonregistered and guest cars need to park on thestreet or in the baseball parking lot between 4pm and 8am.
  • Non-registered cars parked in the same spot for more than 72 hours will be towed without warning. The 72 hour limitation does not apply to cars with yellow and green parking permits displayed on their cars. Exception is when we have to clear the parking lots for repair and maintenance.

Useful information/It’s the rule:

  • Starting an indoor or outdoor remodeling projectincluding door area cameras? You must fill out the Architectural Authorization Request form available on the website. Send to Gassen and avoid problems!
  • Please do not store anything in the condo hallways!
  • Please make sure that you or your vendor hauls away remodeling material from projects.It does not belong in the Greensboro garbage bins. Homeowners will be fined.
  • There is a separate fee for hauling away household appliances and furniture. They do NOT belong in the trash or in the garbage, this includes mattresses! Contact Gassento arrange special pick up, the price is reasonable.
  • No tethering of animals – we have coyotes!

Please help by:

  • Calling the police immediately if you see or hear suspicious activity at Greensboro. Car catalytic converters have been cut in the greater St. Louis Park area including Greensboro. And check your garage manual release– is it opening without your manual release key? We have had robberies.
  • Placing mouse traps in your garages.
  • Recycling as much as possible. We still find a lot of cardboard boxes and bottles in the trash bins. We appreciate when you break down the cardboards so all of us have space to dispose of our trash. Please note that items should be dumped in the recycle bins unbagged. Plastic bags (and crib liners) gum up
  • Picking up trash, sticks, your cigarette butts and wrappers, your dog’s poop, etc. and put them into the trash bins located throughout Greensboro.
  • Reporting any problems (grounds, critters, no heat, lightbulbs including your porch lights, security, etc.), by creating a work order on your Gassen Connect account (preferred) or contacting Sonja Spohnholtz (Greensboro@gassen.com or 952-544-0477) and shewill forward it on to the right person.

Sonja Spohnholtz, On Site Property Manager:
Phone 952-544-0477, email Greensboro@gassen.com

Mark the date:
Next Board Meeting: TUESDAY, February23, 2021. Homeowner Forum from 6:30pm to 6:45pm. Suggestions/ideas are welcome. This will be an online meeting and Gassen will email an invite.