Law Suit Update:

  • This update, follows previous announcements and updates, regarding a law suit the Association initiated this past spring against 3 contractors involved in renovations done as part of our 2012 -2014 HIA Renovations. The problem area where the faulty renovations occurred is the stone ledge sills on the sides of all the Greensboro buildings. The mortar joints between stone sections were improperly installed. Because the matter is in litigation our attorneys caution the Board to limit what can be communicated to Homeowners. The following details are what our attorneys provided us to share with homeowners.
    • Supplement to Resale Disclosure
    • Minnesota Statutes Section 515B.4-107(b)8
    • Notice of Pending Litigation
  • The Greensboro Condominium Association (the “Association”) is the plaintiff in a lawsuit commenced in Hennepin County District Court entitled Greensboro Condominium Association v. Schoenfelder Renovations Inc. The Association has brought this action against the contractor who renovated the buildings at the Association in 2012. The lawsuit alleges there are defects in the manner in which the stone sill head joints were sealed which has caused damage to the masonry veneer below.

June 13, 2017 Disclosure Update

  • The factual and legal issues are limited and known to all parties in this case and to save everyone from spending money on attorney’s fees and inspections, all the parties have agreed to exchange written information and then engage in early mediation, late August or early September, in an attempt to resolve the matter without significant expense.
  • When more information can be shared, the Board provide further updates. We appreciate your understanding.

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