• Installed 12 latch guards at the condo entries.
  • Repaired various ceiling areas at 7414 building.
  • Nature’s Garden presented updated 5-year landscaping plan at February board meeting. Board approved moving forward with Louisiana Ave retaining wall area, over-seeding, cistern planting, Greensboro map updating and tree replacement plan.
  • Board approved 2017 audit report (will be posted on the website).
  • Approved 3x air filter change by Blue Ox for 2 and 3 bedroom units (no extra charge to home owners as included in the dues).

In the works:

  • Window caulking project: 3 pilot units have been identified. Estimated start date is mid April. See also below ‘Window Replacement’.
  • Stone ledge sill: Collecting bids.
  • Applying for FHA (Federal Housing Administration) approval
  • Website redesign: chair Melissa Burrows, 2 bedroom board member, presented web design at February board meeting. Estimated roll out is this spring.
  • House numbering for 2 bedroom (front and back) and 3 bedroom townhomes (garage side): postponed till spring.

Useful information:

  • Emergency lock boxes: St. Louis Park Fire Department offers emergency lock boxes for a one-time subscription fee of $50. The lockbox contains a key to the home that can be accessed only by a special key carried by police and fire personnel. If in an emergency resident cannot unlock door, firefighters or police officers can open the door with a key instead of forcing the door open and causing damage and additional cost. Board approved to allow such boxes to be installed on the outside of the door in the top left or right corner. For further information visit or call the fire department at 952-924-2595.
  • Window replacement (home owner responsibility): Shayne Damian at Gassen has received quotes from various companies. Contact her if you are interested in replacing your windows. Vendors may also be present at the upcoming Annual Meeting to answer questions.

Please help:

  • Picking up after your dog and cleaning any accidents in the condo buildings.
  • By reporting dangerous/slippery surface situations immediately to staff at Phone 952-544-0477 indicating the exact location.
  • By switching on your outside lights for both security and safety especially in the winter. If they don’t work properly contact staff.
  • By calling office for refill If your salt container is empty.

Greensboro’s office – Ric & Brandon: phone: 952-544-0477 | email:
Gassen Property Manager – Shayne Damian: phone: 952-253-4921 | email:

Board positions:

  • Condo, 2 and 3 bedroom board positions are up for renewal at the Annual Meeting for two year terms. If you are interested and would like further information please contact Shayne Damian. Accounting, legal, insurance, marketing, engineering or mechanical knowledge is appreciated.

Mark the date:

  • Next Board Meeting: TUESDAY, March 27, 2018. Home owner forum from 6:30pm to 6:45pm.
  • Annual Meeting: Thursday, May 3, 6:30pm. Notices will be mail out.

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