– The Greensboro Annual Meeting will be Tuesday, April 28, SLP Middle School Cafeteria. Please plan on attending!


– Do you own a bike? The Bike Storage Committee is taking a survey of bike owners. There are surveys and survey boxes in the Condo laundry rooms and Shayne will also be emailing survey copies. Deadline is February 28.

– We have unclaimed bikes in the old bike racks by the Condos. If you do not claim your bike it will donated to charity! Email Shayne by February 28.


– $950 rebate from the CenterPoint Energy was received for the Condos as part of the Conservation Improvement Rebate Program.

– Greensboro Condo’s fire alarm system passed City inspection on January 22.

In the works:

– A new Contacts list is in the works: who to contact for emergencies, non-emergencies, misc. repairs, etc. Greensboro gets charged $49.50 for each after hours call to Gassen’s main line.

– The Board is investigating composite materials to replace the Condo balconies’ plywood.

– More Social activities co-sponsored by The Villa: bingo, a cookout.

– The updated 2020 Rules and Regulations will be available in late February or early March.

Volunteer Projects:

– Do you have skills in Word Press? The web site needs you! Contact Shayne at

Architectural Committee, headed by Tim Hilger, is working on many projects including how to mount door cameras without drilling or attaching to the brick or common elements, and a remodeling of the lower level of the Club House.

The Safety Committee is looking for members. Contact Shayne or committee chair Jamie Sampson Hopkins (7412).

Parking Changes begins Monday, February 3

– Do you have a garage? Use it for your car.
– Condo residents without a garage have a green parking permit, 2 Bedroom and Condo residents will have a yellow parking permit for a 2nd registered car.
– Green and Yellow parking areas are for the hours of 4pm to 8am. If you are parking in the wrong area, you are taking someone else’s parking space!
– 3 Bedroom cars should be parked inside their double garages or in front if space allows and vehicles do not block garage access across or trash/recycling trucks.
– There are a few ‘open’ areas by the Club House.
All others, including nonregistered and guest cars, should be parked on the street or in the baseball parking lot. Follow City parking and snow plowing rules.

Useful information/It’s the rule:
– Starting an indoor or outdoor remodeling project? You must fill out the Architectural Authorization Request form available on the website. Send to Shayne at and avoid problems!
– Please make sure that your vendor hauls away trash from projects, it does not belong in the Greensboro garbage bins.

Please help by:
– Reporting any problems (grounds, lightbulbs, security, etc.), to Shayne 952-253-4921 and she will forward it on to the right person.

– Staff refills the salt shaker buckets upon request, contact Shayne.

– Picking up trash, sticks, your cigarette butts, your dog’s poop, etc. and put them into the trash bins located throughout Greensboro.

– Gassen Property Manager – Shayne Damian:
  Phone 952-253-4921, email or

– Greensboro’s office – Ric & Brandon:
  Phone 952-544-0477, email

Mark the date:
– Next Board Meeting: TUESDAY, February 25, 2020. Homeowner Forum from 6:30pm to 6:45pm. Suggestions/ideas are welcome