• To our newly elected board members Lauren Tomcheck (3 bedroom townhome) and Logan Kern (2 bedroom townhome). Logan has agreed to become our new Treasurer and Lauren our Social Chair. Thank you Melissa Burrows for all the hard work and the website. We are sad to see you leaving and wish you all the best in your new job in Chicago.


  • Approved Louisiana Avenue retaining wall project including replacing retaining wall (two tiers), landscaping (mix of shrubs and junipers not to exceed 6 feet height when fully grown plus other plants), removal of rock beds to be replaced by lawn, irrigation system, removal of three trees to accommodate connecting sidewalk along retaining wall, removal of existing four stair sets and building one new stair set between the two buildings, eliminating steps leading to new stair set, lightening, stair railing. Estimated start date is beginning of July with some prep work in June. Legal opinion on sidewalk width: Association’s decision as not public sidewalk. Await feedback from the City of St. Louis Park.
  • Approved professional perennial garden maintenance, light shrub trimming, plant installation on Franklin Avenue (where concrete was removed last year), and community building planter flowers. Condo building planter flowers: It was decided to have Ric buy plants (geraniums) and install.
  • Swimming pool is open! Thank you Ric and Brandon!

In the works:

  • Various concrete sidewalk fixes.
  • Curb to curb sweeping.
  • Estimated start date for lintel work on six 3 bedroom townhome garages is end of June. Homeowners will be notified.
  • Window caulking project on 5 pilot units has been completed and will be rolled out to remaining units in the coming weeks. This is Limited Common property meaning Homeowners are charged back for the caulking. Price various depending on the unit. Final pricing and payment method is being worked out at the moment and information will be provided. Please let Property Manager Shayne Damian know if you are replacing windows this year as caulking may not be needed. Shayne has received quotes from various window companies.
  • Stone ledge sill: Gassen Project Management will present bids at June board meeting.
  • Tennis courts: Await proposals on how to fix the cracks, the drainage and re-striping.
  • Snow plowing damage: Management is working with vendor to fix various damages caused by the snow plows including some garage doors.
  • House numbering for 2 bedroom (front and back) and 3 bedroom townhomes (garage side).

 Useful information:

  • Per St. Louis Park fire code grills need to be 25 feet away from buildings. So please move your grill away from the building when in use. Once done leave it to cool down/till charcoals are completed spent before disposing of them in the trash dumpster. We had a dumpster fire because of hot charcoals. Fortunately, the damage was limited to the dumpster and residents reported the fire to 911 in the middle of the night! Thank you. We have set up a metal container by the tennis courts to dispose of charcoals.
  • Balcony weight limit: No objects (not including humans) weighing in excess of 250 pounds, are permitted on any town house or apartment balcony.
  • No rugs, carpeting or covering is allowed on any balcony, to comply with St. Louis Park Chief Building Inspector’s directive.

 Please help:

  • Check your faucets and toilets for leaks or running water. Water/sewer is one of our highest expenses. Let Ric or Brandon know. It may be a simple fix.
  • By disposing of cigarette butts in the trash.
  • No plastic bags in the recycling bins. See below detailed list of what is acceptable and what is not.
  • Take advantage of special recycling events and empty out your garage/storage space. See below for details.
  • By parking your motorbike on the dedicated concrete slab in the Southwest corner of 7412, thus not using a precious parking lot space.
  • On Tuesday evenings/Wednesday mornings, please do not park in the parking space to the left of the two dumpsters between 7316 and 3 bedroom building. Recycling company has notified us of issues accessing dumpster on collection day. Otherwise we may be forced to give up that parking space or the recycling dumpster.
  • Barking dogs: Gassen and the site staff have received a number of calls complaining of dogs barking for long periods of time which annoys and disrupts other residents. Home owners with an annoying and disruptive barking dog can be fined.  Should repeated violations continue the dog can be banned from Greensboro, or other actions taken.  With the warm weather, open windows, patio doors and dogs out on balconies the barking and complaints increase.  Please be considerate if you have a dog in your home.
  • If you have a detached garage, please park your car in it. Parking is tight at Greensboro, so be considerate.

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