• A successful garage sale was held, thank you Kaycee Kramer (7313, and originator of the sale) and Board member/Social Committee head Lauren Tomcheck for organizing.
  • The grounds were aerated and over-seeded. This is year 4 and the last major replacement of non-native Kentucky Bluegrass with the “Slow Grow No Mow” grass created by the University of Minnesota.
  • The retaining wall project on Louisiana is completed and came in $5,140 under budget.
  • Cantilever beams at 3 bedroom townhome balconies: deck seal membrane has been installed – home owner charge back.
  • American Family Insurance has sent homeowners copies of Greensboro’s master policy certificate and related HO6 letter.
  • All windows at 7318-203, unit owned by Greensboro, have been replaced. Caulking and steel lintel repair done on both owned units.
  • The swimming pool is closed for the season. Check out the Lost and Found bin by the Community Building’s bathrooms. Items not claimed by October 31 will be donated or tossed.
  • Pat Chenney volunteered to head the newly created Parking Committee to review the parking situation. Contact her either directly or through Shayne if you would like to participate.

In the works:

  • Do you have web skills? Greensboro’s lovely new web site is finished, but we need a web master! Contact Shayne at 952-253-4921, email
  • Ad Hoc committee for caulking/steel lintel has solicited assessment bids and presented 3 bids to the board for review. Scope of work may be expanded to include assessment of original window/door conditions.
  • Roof repair and maintenance.
  • Asphalt repair and maintenance.
  • Brick repair at Condos and 2 bedroom townhomes.
  • 3 bedroom garage lintel project: The 6 units are in various stages. All cedar coverings above garage doors will be painted at the same time as well as balconies power washed, deck boards and top railing stained, and cantilever beams protected. Staining and cantilever beam protection is home owner responsibility.
  • Water inspection by Greensboro staff at 7318 & 7414 buildings: If your unit has not been inspected yet, please contact Ric/Brandon to schedule appointment.
  • Architectural Committee (new) is working on stone sill pilot project and patio plans to recommend to the Board.
  • New lamp posts by Louisiana Avenue: We are waiting for the utility company to turn on the electricity.
  • Comcast main cable above ground along Louisiana Avenue: We are waiting for Comcast to send out crew to replace this temporary cable and bury it in the ground.

 Useful information:

  • Consider setting mouse traps in your garage as mice start looking for a winter place.
  • No boats, trailers allowed on parking lots or in front of garages.
  • No dogs/animals allowed inside swimming pool area, let alone in the swimming pool!
  • No tethering of animals (Rule 3.5). Tethering tools are interfering with lawn mowing/maintenance and snow blowing. Any damage caused by a tethering device to lawn mower or snow blower, windows etc. or dog poop removal, will be charged back to pet owner. Also remove any pet toys from lawn.
  • Rules and Regulations (November 2017 version) is posted on Greensboro’s website at / Homeowners / Important Documents / Rules and Regulations
  • If you do not receive general email notifications including the News Brief from Greensboro contact Shayne to be added to the list.

 Please help:

  • Reporting any problems (grounds, lightbulbs, renting, security, etc.), to Shayne (952-253-4921 and she will forward it on to the right person.
  • Checking your outside lights and switch them on for safety and security especially now going into the winter. Our outside lights use LED bulbs and are very inexpensive to run 24 hours/day.
  • Parking: the parking lot is always full overnight and we also need room for trucks working on maintenance projects. Please ask guests to park on street, and keep parking spots set aside with orange cones free during the day. Also, are you parking in your garage, or using it for storage? Remember that Greensboro was not built in an ‘everybody owns 2 cars’ era!
  • Removing the following items from your patios and stoops: snow shovels, gardening tools, unused pots, etc. to keep a pleasant appearance at Greensboro.


  • Gassen Property Manager Shayne Damian:
    • Phone 952-253-4921, email
  • Greensboro’s office Ric & Brandon:
    • Phone 952-544-0477, email

 Mark the date:

  • Next Board Meeting: TUESDAY, October 23, 2018. Home owner forum from 6:30pm to 6:45pm. Suggestions/ideas are welcome.


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