– Caroling at the Villa:

Thursday, December 20, 5:30pm Social, 6:30pm Caroling at the Villa. Meet in the Party Room for the social and caroling will follow. Rookie singers are welcome. Sheet music will be passed around and we will do some practicing before heading over. Needed: Caroling “Director” – looking for someone to lead us in song!

RSVP: Lauren.Tomcheck@gmail.com or 920-562-0082. We need 10 RSVP’s to make this event happen. So sign up early!


– Pat Cheney’s Parking Committee delivered a pair of very good plans to improve the parking situation and one option, modified, was chosen for implementation by the Board of Directors. The 84 Condo units that do not have a garage will get assigned a ‘green zone’ where they can park one car per unit. Each of those units will receive one parking permit for that zone. Estimated implementation is end of December.

– Fall Clean-up by Reliable including leaf blowing was finished.

– Nature’s Garden installed a drain tile system through the yews to Jeannie’s garden by stairs to 7318, and also changed the drainage elevation and installed poly against the front of 2030 Louisiana, solving a crawl space water problem.

– The 3-Bedroom Garage Lintel project, including replacement of 4 faulty balcony sliding doors – a homeowner expense, is finished except for painting/staining next spring.

– DMR finished this year’s brick repair on November 16.

– AMEK completed the first phase of the stone sill project on November 13.

– The noisy transformer in the fire panel in 7414 was replaced to reduce the buzzing noise.

In the works: Maintenance and Repair Projects

– Does Greensboro have your car’s license plate on record? Send to Ric at greensboro_square@hotmail.com.

– Onsite staff is preparing the property for winter, putting up plowing guide stakes and delivering salt containers to all units. The staff has set out a number of shovels in strategic places around Greensboro for owners to use and return for “self-help” shoveling.

– Water inspection by Greensboro staff at 7318 & 7414 buildings is nearly complete: If your unit has not been inspected yet, please contact Ric/Brandon to schedule appointment.

In the works: Volunteer Projects

– Do you have web skills? Greensboro’s lovely new web site is finished, but we need a web master! Contact Shayne at 952-253-4921, email SDamian@Gassen.com.

– Interested in working on a Grounds Committee? Contact Shayne or Daniela @organizedinnotime.com.

– Jane Kaufenberg is looking for people to work on the Communications Committee, email her at janemkaufenberg@msn.com or contact Shayne.

– Ad Hoc Committee for Caulking Windows and Doors Scope of Work will be expanded to include assessment of original window/door conditions.

– Architectural Committee, headed by Tim Hilger, is working on the patio plans to recommend to the Board, and home interior and exterior project approvals and will be assisting the Grounds Committee.

Useful information/It’s the rule:

– Furnace access to 2 and 3 Bedroom townhomes: Please give 24 hours notice to staff before your scheduled furnace repair & maintenance appointment as staff needs to unlock the ladder padlock first before technician can climb up the ladder to the roof.

– 3 Bedroom townhome residents are requested to park their cars in their two car garages. They and their guests may park a car or two depending on how much space there is directly in front of their garage door. They may no longer use the parking spaces at Greensboro. Those are reserved for the Condo and 2 Bedroom townhome residents who have only one specific parking space/garage. 3 Bedroom townhome cars may be towed if parked in the parking lots.

– Do not leave the Condo doors propped open, ever! A human being must hold the door open for move in/move outs.

– No tethering of animals (Rule 3.5). Tethering tools are interfering with snow plowing/shoveling. Any damage caused by a tethering device to snow blower, windows etc. as well as dog poop removal, will be charged back to pet owner.


– RELIABLE PROPERTY SERVICES and their subcontractors will be plowing again

– SHOVELING – Trigger depth is 1.5″ for Reliable to come on site. Under 1.5″ Greensboro staff are responsible for shoveling. Includes sidewalks, steps, front entrances and fire hydrants. – PLOWING – Trigger depth is 1.5″ for Reliable to come on site. Under 1.5″ there is no plowing. During excessive snow events, a plow “pass” will be made down the drive lanes only for access.

– ICE CONDITIONS – Management or Greensboro staff may decide to issue a work order to Reliable if icy conditions prevail. Sand/Salt applications will normally be applied within 24 hours. Contact Gassen if you note a hazardous location.

– CONDO BLDG’S – Shovels and ice melt containers are kept at each entrance for Owners to use. – 2 & 3 BDRM TH’S – Ice melt containers are at the front entrance for 2 bedroom homes and the back entrance (garage side) for 3 bedroom homes.

– Ice melt containers will also be placed on the backside of the garages at 7317/7321, 7357/7361 and 7433/7437. Please use the product and call the on-site office for refills, 952-544-0477. – TIMEFRAMES: Reliable has 12 hours from when the snow stops to complete plowing and shoveling operations (once trigger depth is met).

– BLIZZARDS – Timeframes may be extended during blizzard conditions.

– STAFF HOURS – Greensboro staff are on call and rotate weekends. During snow events, staff will follow instructions from the Board of Directors and Management only, as to whether shoveling/sanding is required. During heavy snow/ice events, staff are expected on site to assist with snow removal operations.

– CITY STREET PARKING – City streets and sidewalks are City responsibility to clear. Please use your garage to park your car(s). Follow their parking winter rules.

– TOWING – Vehicles violating parking regulations may be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense and WITHOUT WARNING. Vehicles will be towed to Bobby & Steve’s, 394 & Penn Avenue, 612-377-4743. The impound lot is located at 5100 Park Circle in SLP.

SLOW DOWN – Please drive slowly through the property. 10 MPH speed limit

– SNOW PILES – Will be moved as needed. If there is excessive snow, the open field owned by the nursing home will be used to deposit snow.

– Extenuating circumstances – Reliable is contracted to perform per the Board approved contract. Sometimes a plow can break, a truck breaks down or crew get sick, delaying service. We ask for your patience should this occur.


Please help by:

– Reporting any problems (grounds, lightbulbs, renting, security, etc.), to Shayne (952-253-4921 SDamian@Gassen.com) and she will forward it on to the right person.

– We need your front entrance stoops clear of personal property (grills, furniture, etc.) so staff can shovel easily.

– Townhome Owners please check your outside lights and switch them on for safety and security especially now in the winter. Our outside lights use LED bulbs and are very inexpensive to run 24 hours/day.


– Gassen Property Manager – Shayne Damian:

Phone 952-253-4921, email SDamian@Gassen.com

– Greensboro’s office – Ric & Brandon:

Phone 952-544-0477, email Greensboro_Square@hotmail.com

Mark the date:

– Next Board Meeting: TUESDAY, December 18, 2018. Home owner forum from 6:30pm to 6:45pm. Suggestions/ideas are welcome.

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