• Approved and installed new HVAC at community building.
  • Repaired sewer line issue at a 2 bedroom townhome on Franklin.
  • Approved lintel work on six 3 bedroom townhome garages. Estimated project start date: mid May. Homeowners will be notified.
  • Our new website is live!! Check it out:  A big Thank You to our board member Melissa Burrows for leading this initiative. We are still fine tuning and replacing some older pictures. If you have great pictures of Greensboro to share, please let Shayne know.
  • Performed roof repair at 7414 building.
  • Greensboro is now FHA (Federal Housing Administration) approved.

In the works:

  • Replaced circulation pump that caused vibrations and loud noise in 7316.
  • Window caulking project started on 5 pilot units. See also below ‘Window Replacement’.
  • Stone ledge sill: Gassen Project Management is soliciting bids.
  • Louisiana retaining wall project will start this spring: The City of St. Louis Park granted removal of the four existing stairs and building one main stairway to the public sidewalk (straight line between the two buildings). City is demanding 5-foot wide sidewalks instead of 4 or less along Louisiana’s new retaining wall. Management has solicited a legal opinion as additional width would increase the cost considerably.
  • Snow plowing damage: Management is working with vendor to fix various damages caused by the snow plows including some garage doors.
  • House numbering for 2 bedroom (front and back) and 3 bedroom townhomes (garage side): postponed till spring.

 Useful information:

  • Window replacement (home owner responsibility): Shayne Damian at Gassen has received quotes from various companies. Contact her if you are interested in replacing your windows.
  • Found personal item labelled ‘B.Quetraogo’. If yours call Ric.

 Please help:

  • Saint Louis Park Recycling has a new rule: No more recycling placed in bags. Just drop your recycling loose into the dedicated recycling dumpsters. One exception: Shredded paper should be recycled in a paper bag that has been stapled shut and marked ‘shredded paper’. Pizza boxes go into the trash.
  • By calling the police if you see suspicious activity. The Association is not the police nor the Big Brother. Safety and security is the residents’ responsibility. Lock your doors and close windows. At condo buildings: Do not let an unknown person into the building or keep entrance doors open.

 Board positions needing candidates:

Condo, 2 and 3 bedroom board positions are up for renewal at the Annual Meeting for two year terms. Interested? Contact Shayne Damian or come to the Annual Meeting for consideration. Accounting, legal, insurance, marketing, engineering or mechanical knowledge is appreciated.  The key for any Board volunteer is to be interested in our community’s betterment.  A willingness to learn, stay informed and actively participate in a positive manner.

 Mark the date:

  • Annual Meeting: Thursday, May 3, 6:30pm, at the St. Louis Park Junior High School, just West of Greensboro on Texas Avenue. Registration starts at 6pm. Notices and proxies have been mailed out on April 9, 2018.
  • Next Board Meeting: TUESDAY, May 22, 2018. Home owner forum from 6:30pm to 6:45pm.

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