• Tennis court nets have been set up and people are already playing tennis and pickle ball.
  • Our landscaper and staff toured the property for an overview of this year’s landscaping projects. She will present the plans at the Annual Meeting.
  • Reliable did a spring clean-up of the grounds.
  • Brick and tuckpointing repair: Property was toured with DMR to evaluate this year’s brick repair items. Board approved 10 weeks. Estimated start time May.
  • The irrigation system by Franklin Ave and Maryland Ave was started up.
  • Air filters at 2 and 3 Bedroom town houses have been replaced.
  • The 2016 audit has taken place and been presented to the board. Copies will be available at the Annual Meeting as well as posted on the website.
  • Reserve Study 2016 and Budget 2017 have been posted on www.Greensborosquare.com/Information for Owners/Financial Information.

In the works:

  • Repairing the cracked asphalt between the 2 bedroom and the 3 bedroom townhouses.
  • Swimming pool start up.
  • Electricity charge reimbursement checks to the seven 3 bedroom homeowners who host the water softener for their respective townhouse row.
  • Curb to curb sweeping of entire parking lot. Please watch out for the notice and make sure to move your car that day to avoid towing expenses.
  • Condo balcony punch list has been created. Any additions need to be submitted by May 15 at the latest to Shayne Damian at sdamain@gassen.com for consideration. Estimated start in May weather and work permitting.
  • Emerald ash borer injection of our 45 ash trees this summer.
  • Outstanding Garage Bank A advance is expected to be paid back in full by July.

Please help:

  • By disposing of cigarette butts in the trash.
  • Respecting the speed limit of 10mph.
  • Picking up after your dog, including court yard and behind the garages.
  • Handing in your contact information form to Orion Stimpel.

Useful information:

  • Balcony weight limit: No objects, (not including humans) weighing in excess of 250 pounds, are permitted on any town house or apartment balcony.
  • No rugs, carpeting or covering is allowed on any balcony, to comply with St. Louis Park Chief Building Inspector’s directive.
  • Townhomes: In addition to Blue Ox 952-641-0099 we now also have Marsh Heating and Cooling 763-536-0667 servicing our rooftop furnaces.
  • Swimming pool access and community building rental can be denied to homeowners, respectively to their renters, who are delinquent.

Greensboro’s office – Ric & Brandon: phone: 952-544-0477 | email: Greensboro_Square@hotmail.com
Gassen Property Manager – Shayne Damian: phone: 952-253-4921 | email: SDamian@Gassen.com

Mark the date:

  • The Greensboro Annual Meeting will be held on April 27, 2017, with registration starting at 6pm and meeting at 6:45pm, at the St. Louis Park ‘Middle’ School, Media Room (same room as last year), off Texas Ave just west of Greensboro. Proxies and notices have been sent on April 5 to homeowners including Board candidate application forms. Please either attend or give your proxy to another homeowner or a board member. If we do not have a quorum the Annual Meeting will need to be rescheduled and we incur double the cost for holding two meetings.
  • Next Board Meeting: May 18, 2017. Home owner forum from 6:30pm to 6:45pm.
  • Pool opens Memorial Day weekend (weather permitting earlier).

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