• The Greensboro Annual Meeting will be held as soon as we can
    meet as a large group complying with MN Department of Health rules.
  • Gassen on site staff is following CDC recommendations as well as internal guidelines for cleaning and interacting with vendors and residents.
  • The Club House is closed until further notice, due to coronavirus concerns.
  • The pool opening this summer will follow the MN Department of Health guidelines.
  • National Night Out has been moved from August to October.
  • Common BBQ grills have been stored inside pool fence to prevent use.
  • Good information is available through the City of St. Louis Park at Sign up for news updates from the city and other government agencies.

Your address:
Check if your unit is correctly displayed by Google Maps. If not, you can do the following:
– Click on ‘Suggest an edit on xxx address’
– Sign into your Google/Gmail account or create one
– Click on ‘Wrong pin location or address’
– Move the pin to the correct building and your unit
– Click on ‘Done’ and ‘Send’.
You will receive a confirmation on when it has been reviewed.


  • The tennis courts have been resurfaced and relined and are open to our residents. Please note that the lining for the pickle ball court has moved to the East court.
  • Nature’s Garden weeded the gardens along West Franklin and Louisiana Avenue and worked on the condo courtyard.
  • The pool has passed inspection.
  • Dryer vents were cleaned mid-May.
  • Greensboro onsite staff turned on outside faucets and have put out water hoses.
  • The parking lot was swept on May 27.
  • ACI Asphalt fixed grading in front of garage bank G and patched area by 2042.
  • FHA financing application has been approved through May 2023.

In the works:

  • The Greensboro re-roofing of the 2 bedroom townhouses 7301-7337, the 3 bedroom townhouses 7303-7331 and condo building 7318 is taking place. Please follow parking restrictions and respect cordoned off areas. Vendor kindly asks us not to approach their workers. Please contact Shayne Damian with any questions.
  • ACI Asphalt will repair a manhole basin and rout and seal various cracked sealings.
  • Storm water drainage project around the Club House and the tennis courts is slated for mid June
  • Brick repairs have begun.
  • Perennial beds will be extended along West Franklin in June.
  • Club House bathrooms: Men’s bathroom is almost completed.
  • Stanley Steamer will clean the Condo carpets.
  • Condo 7412 landscaping and stair replacement: await stair and railing replacement bids for June Board meeting.
  • Replace parking lot mirror by 7316.
  • Mowing along Louisiana Ave and part of Condo courtyard was suspended due to wet soil. It will resume soon.
  • 3 bedroom garage lintel project has been approved and the four homeowners notified (7411, 7423, 7447 and 2014).
  • The patio project for the 2 bedroom units has been put on hold and homeowners notified.


  • PLEASE don’t back into your parking spot – it is NOW part of the Rules and Regulations.
  • Condo residents without a garage have a green parking permit, 2 Bedroom townhouses and Condo residents have a yellow parking permit for a 2nd registered car.
  • Green and yellow parking area restrictions apply for the hours of 4pm to 8 am. Please make sure to park in the color zone that matches your parking permit color.
  • Ensure you have your current cars/tabs registered with Greensboro.
  • 3 Bedroom cars should be parked inside their double garages or in front.
  • There are a few ‘open’ areas by the Club House.
  • Commercial, nonregistered and guest cars, need to park on thestreet or in the baseball parking lot between 4pm and 8am.
  • Non-registered cars parked in the same spot for more than 72 hours will be towed without warning. The 72 hour limitation does not apply to cars with yellow and green parking permit displayed on their cars. Exception when we have to clear the parking lots for repair and maintenance.

Useful information/It’s the rule:

  • Don’t leave nasty notes on people’s cars! Report the problem to Shayne Damian.
  • All Condo ground-level units without a patio door are requested to remove any outdoor furniture, or face fines.
  • Starting an indoor or outdoor remodeling project, replacing windows and patio doors, mounting a door camera? You must fill out the Architectural Authorization Request form available on the website. Send to Shayne at and avoid problems!
  • Gardening projects: Contact Shayne before you start any garden project. The green area outside your units are all Common area. As we regrade throughout Greensboro the Association reviews existing gardens and patios. 3 bedroom townhouse owners can opt to have a patio built by Greensboro’s approved vendor and at homeowner’s cost. It will not become a Limited Common element, but the agreement will give single unit usage rights.
  • Please make sure that your vendor hauls away trash from projects, it does not belong in the Greensboro garbage bins. This includes other remodeling materials!
  • Keep lawn clear of furniture and grills for lawn mowing crews. They will not move furniture and will not mow underneath and around your furniture and grill. They need to be stored on your patio or stoop.
  • No tethering of animals. If a mower, building elements or people get damaged/hurt by a tethering line, the homeowner will be charged back for the damage caused.
  • If you see a dead animal on the property, please call 952-544-0477 and give a detailed location to the Greensboro Staff so it can be taken care of as soon as reasonably possible.

Please help by:

  • Recycling as much as possible. We still find a lot of cardboard boxes and bottles in the trash bins. We appreciate when you break down the card boards so all of us have space to dispose of our trash.
  • Finding another trash bin at Greensboro if your regular one is full.
  • Reporting any problems (grounds, lightbulbs including your porch lights, security, etc.), by creating a work order on your Gassen Connect account or contacting  Shayne (952-253-4921 and she will forward it on to the right person.
  • Picking up trash, sticks, your cigarette butts and wrappers, your dog’s poop, etc. and put them into the trash bins located throughout Greensboro.
  • Using the West side entry of the dog park unless you know how to properly close the East side gate. Social distancing applies to the dog park as well. Maximum 10 people allowed inside with social distancing.


Mark the date:

  • Next Board Meeting: TUESDAY, June 23, 2020. Home OwnerForum from 6:30pm to 6:45pm. Suggestions/ideas are welcome. This will be an online meeting, contact Shayne for an invite.